The KeepWell Summit

The KeepWell Summit

21 June 2018


Zevo Health

Zevo Health is a workplace wellness company that optimises the use of research driven techniques. We believe every organisation is unique and a wellness programme should fit the workplace. We measure organisations’ needs before implementing a tailored flexible wellness programme.
The Zevo Health team consists of 14 health care professionals along with a team of 5 dedicated to our technology systems. The management team consists of Richard Murphy and Rob van Weeghel. Richard founded Zevo Health and comes from a background of exercise & nutrition. Rob has experience in software development and big data. They all share the passion for employee engagement. A delegation of the Zevo Health team will be present at the Summit.

Zevo Health services include:

Staff Training
 Mindfulness at work
 Work / Life balance
 Resilience tailored for junior or senior staff
 Exercise & Nutrition
 Effective communication
 Team Effectiveness
 Emotional Intelligence
 Ergonomics training for office and work from home employees
 Positive psychology
 Specific mental wellbeing training for online content reviewers

One to one
 Enhancing performance
 Emotional intelligence
 Stress & anxiety reduction
 Resilience
 Nutrition

Management Training
 Mindfulness for managers
 Time, change & task management
 Effective communication
 Mental health awareness training for managers & team leads
 Emotional intelligence
 Productivity in management